Liam Vallance

Splat That Slime

Green slimes are trying to escape under the cover of the other slimes, splat them and stop them before they get away! Be careful you don't splat the other slimes and watch out for the slimes as they get faster the longer you play!

Splat That Slime is a simple mobile game I developed in my spare time targeted as a casual experience that can provide simplistic fun to all ages.

Using my experience from my University projects such as Escape From Time Tower, I developed this game in Unity 2D using C# scripting, all code and assets are written and designed by myself as a fun side project and a challenge to myself in order to keep myself developing while searching for work. This personal project was my first experience developing a game from start to release, tackling all the issues that come along with such a task. Splat That Slime is published for Android via the Google Play Store under the developer name DawnsCrow.

The GitHub page can be found:


Downloadable from the Google Play Store:


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