Liam Vallance

Escape From Time Tower

Escape from Time Tower is a group project worked on by myself and 4 other team members during our final year on the Games Development Mcomp at University of South Wales.

As a team we decided to develop an isometric shooter game developed in the Unity 3D environment. The main focuses for this project were on the concept of time manipulation in a gameplay scenario. We developed a procedural room generation system in order to keep each play-through feel more fresh while introducing a level system with a boss at the end of each level. Each level in turn also contained a new time manipulation mechanic for the user to utilise throughout.

Together as a team we developed several time manipulation mechanics, one for each of the game levels. The time mechanics were:

Slow Time - used to slow down everything giving the user more time to think and react to their surroundings.

Speed Up Time - used as a bubble created that speeds up everything within particularly useful against the boss.

Reverse Time - used to rewind everything in the game world in order to recover from mistakes.

Stop Time - used to freeze everything except the player character allowing the user to setup a series of shots that will all fire off together once time is resumed.

Time Travel - used in the maze level that requires the user to jump between time periods in order to be able to navigate with the present time being filled with enemies to fight and the future where the maze is desolated and contains no enemies but many of the paths have been blocked off by ruble.

The GitHub page can be found:


And the game can be downloaded from:


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