Liam Vallance

Splash Attack

Splash Attack is a competitive multiplayer paint shooter capture the flag game where two teams of 5 fight each other for flag captures while using the 3 paint effects (Red – Speed, Blue – Bounce and Yellow – Slow) to aid teammates and hinder enemy movements. There is no violence in the game and the players must use the environment to their advantage as the maps have no outer walls and player who fall off the map are stuck in a respawn box above the map and must wait for the next release wave.

Splash Attack is a game developed during the second year of my BSc in which a team of 6 of us were tasked with producing a new and unique game idea, produce a concept work in progress build of our game and then present our concept at the end of the year. The development time period of this was 6 months and was the first attempt and developing a game for each of the members of the team.

As a team we wanted to stand out and so decided to go a little ambitious with our game idea. We decided we wanted to make a multiplayer game which meant we needed to work with the complexities of networking.