Liam Vallance
Liam Vallance

About Me

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you can see my skill set along with my main pieces of work. I spent 5 years at University of South Wales in which I completed my HND, BSc and Masters in Computer Games Development.

Throughout my experience I have used a number of tools and engines such as the Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4 environments along side many varying IDEs and the GitHub Source control platform. I am primarily experienced in Windows but also have some experience developing in Linux distributions. My primary and preferred languages are C++, C# and Python as these are the languages I have used the most to develop the works displayed on this portfolio. I do have some experience in Java and Java Script development and have some knowledge of HTML and CSS which I used to develop this website. I am always willing to learn and expand my experience in varying languages.


Java Script


- Team Working and Leadership -

Through my Work and Educational experiences, I have developed great team working skills where I have often worked with groups of people in order to complete a specific project or task by a given deadline.

- Time Management -

Working within teams for my second and fourth year projects as well as my personal dissertation in the third year taught me great time management experience as I had to manage my personal time as well as help manage the groups time in order to ensure we could produce the work expected within the given time scale. Quality was a big focus for me so proper time management and planning was essential to ensure that time frame and deadlines did not hinder the final quality.

- Communication -

Working with Sword Security helped develop my skills as it required good communication with the partnering company Arriva Trains Wales in order to keep the connection between company and customers running smoothly.

Education: University of South Wales

- Mcomp (Masters) Computer Games Development Year 4: 2018/19 -

● Object Oriented Programming with Data Structures and Algorithms
● Advanced Real-time Rendering Techniques
● Game Engine Optimisation
● Major Group Project

- MComp (Masters) Computer Games Development Year 3: 2017/18 -

● Artificial Intelligence for Game Developers
● Parallel and Concurrent Programming
● Individual Project Computer Science
● Real-time Rendering Techniques
● Game Engine Design

- BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development Year 2: 2016/17 -

● Professional Practice and Employability, Team Bases Game Development Workshop
● Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Orientated Programming
● Tool Development for Computer Games
● Operating Systems Concepts
● Computational Mathematics
● Computer Graphics